Terrorism Expert David Des Roches in Berlin

David Des Roches

David Des Roches, Senior Military Fellow at the Near East South Asia Center for Security Studies, had a discussion with German journalists on January 25 on the topic “Homegrown and Foreign Fighters – Who Are They?”  Dr. Des Roches talked about the theory that a fighter will generally join Da’esh (otherwise known as IS or ISIL) for different reasons depending on his home country.  Those “external” fighters who grew up in the West are predominantly driven by a search for his identity when they join the terrorist group.  Fighters from the region, however, are rather looking to improve their status, or else seeking justice or revenge.  To hear more from Dr. Des Roches – including his thoughts on the special challenge posed by foreign fighters, suggestions on how to disrupt Da’esh’s recruitment efforts, and how to better assimilate immigrants into society — please watch our video interview with him: