Education, Exchanges, and the Economy featured in Northern Hesse

Consul General Kevin Milas and his wife Eileen with students (Photo: State Department)

Consul General Milas and his wife Eileen spent Presidents’ Day in Baunatal, a mid-sized town close to Kassel in northern Hesse, a region we don’t reach very often.  It’s home to a large VW factory, a brewery, and several educational and cultural institutions. Baunatal’s mayor Manfred Schaub welcomed the American visitors from Frankfurt and introduced the city’s new education strategy. He asked for information about the American school system, especially addressing Mrs. Milas and her experience as a school teacher.  The discussion then turned to economic topics like T-TIP, the city’s relations to the VW plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Baunatal’s innovation projects.

Afterwards, CG and Mrs. Milas visited the local Theodor-Heuss-Schule.  Students of the school had sent them a travel diary about a fictional trip across the U.S. along with an invitation to talk to them about the real America.  The students were extremely happy and proud that their efforts had paid off and that the CG had taken them seriously.  We were greeted with star-spangled banners in all forms and sizes, the American national anthem, as well media representatives.  The curious students had prepared some 30 questions for the CG and now can’t wait to finally visit the U.S. in person some time soon – for vacation or an exchange program. Photos |TV Clip | HNA Article