Ambassador and Mrs. Emerson ride their bikes through Wedding with Mutlu, MP

Emerson, Mutlu, on bikes

Ambassador Emerson and his wife explored the district of Wedding on bicycle upon an invitation of the Member of Parliament Özcan Mutlu. With his visit to Wedding, Ambassador Emerson continues his tours through culturally and ethnically diverse districts of Berlin. MoP Mutlu: “I am very pleased that Ambassador Emerson and his wife have accepted my invitation to visit my diverse constituency.” Ambassador Emerson and MoP Mutlu want to emphasize the bike as an eco-friendly, alternate way of transportation.

The tour with MoP Mutlu started at the Bundestag. The bike path along the former course of the wall served as a reminder of the past of Berlin. The first stop of the tour, however, allowed a glance into the future: the Bayer HealthCare CoLaborator, an incubator for bio-tech companies.  On the tour through the laboratory Ambassador Emerson highlighted the economic importance of startups in Germany and the United States.

The tour proceeded to a store of the Turkish supermarket chain Eurogida.  Both in the US and Germany, immigrants as entrepreneurs contribute immensely to the economy. According to a study immigrants generated 2.2 million jobs in Germany and offer a growing number of training positions.

MoP Mutlu, Ambassador and Mrs. Emersons stopped for lunch at the Turkish restaurant Pamfylia and then continued the tour to Himmelbeet, an intercultural community garden. “Michelle Obama and the President would love this garden”, commented Ambassador Emerson. “As you may know, Michelle Obama has the most famous garden in Washington, D.C.  She is a big supporter of urban gardening projects.”  The Yunus Emre Moschee marked the last stop of the four-hour long trip, where Ambassador Emerson and MoP Mutlu held a discussion with members of the mosque community.

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