Berlin U.S. Military Veterans Association in Berlin

The Berlin U.S. Military Veterans Association (BUSMVA) organized a week long reunion visit to Berlin. One important part of the week is the visit to the Allied Museum in Dahlem.

BUSMVA was formed in 1998 and since met every year. Because traveling is not easy for many of the veterans and, of course costly, they only meet every 4th year in Berlin. Four years ago there were some several hundred present, today 180. Still it’s an impressive collection of people and from talking to them you get an immediate impression of the importance that serving their country in Berlin has had in their lives and how they love to come back. As one of them described, “it was the high point of my life”.

Several veterans bring family members with them and all go through the museum and the Tempelhof airport exhibit and explain to their children and grandchildren exactly what they experienced 50 or 60 years ago.

As part of the tradition of the reunion the names of the deceased members are read out at the official gathering, then a prayer is said for all and then those present for the first time come forward and salute the wreath.