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March 16, 2023

President Carter's 1978 visit to Bonn, Wiesbaden-Erbenheim Air Base, Frankfurt, Berlin

Fotografie: Besuch von US-Präsident Jimmy Carter in West-Berlin (U.S. Army Photograph Public Domain Pres. Carter Copy C-276-78), via AlliiertenMuseum

“Germany has produced an economic miracle from war’s devastation. But it is an achievement which could have been brought only by a free people under a democratic government.” – President Carter before his departure

President Carter in Bonn:

“Our security is your security, and yours is ours: That is why the United States is increasing its commitment to NATO and will help to defend your land as if it were our own.
The Federal Republic and the United States also share an attitude and a sense of duty toward Europe and the world.
“Our two nations share a fundamental faith in the same values — the values of freedom, of human rights, of economic liberty, and the conviction that each person should be able to develop one’s own life fully and creatively secure from foreign oppression or domestic disorder
“At a time when the enemies of democracy seem determined to test us, we are prepared to maintain our strength because we know that democracy
is the most effective means of solving problems and meeting the needs of our people.


President Carter’s Trips as President – The Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum (jimmycarterlibrary.gov)