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November 9, 2021

Consulate General Thatcher Scharpf and Members of the Consulate Community Clean and Polish Stolpesteine

#NeverForget To commemorate this year’s 83rd anniversary of Pogromnacht, our Consulate General Thatcher Scharpf and members of the Consulate community paid respect by cleaning and polishing Stolpersteine dedicated to victims of Nazi persecution who fled to the United States before, during, or after World War II.
#NeverAgain On November 9, 1938, – Pogromnacht, also known as Kristallnacht (the Night of Broken Glass) – the Nazi Party attacked and destroyed thousands of Jewish-owned businesses, buildings, synagogues, homes, and schools. Hundreds of Jews were arrested and killed.
Read more about the Stolpersteine here: https://www.stolpersteine-frankfurt.de/de
That same day, Consul General Scharpf joined Frankfurt’s Jewish Community at Westend Synagogue Frankfurt to mark the 83rd anniversary of Pogrom Night. Jüdische Gemeinde Frankfurt
Yesterday, CG Scharpf visited the exhibition “Some Were Neighbors: Victimhood, collaboration, and resistance” at the Gedenkstätte KZ Osthofen. The exhibition was developed by the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and has been touring through Germany since 2019. It focuses on the society under the Nazi regime that was pressured to abandon their fellow human beings and further acknowledges the brave individuals whose resistance reminds us of alternatives to perpretation.