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Außenminister Blinken zu Russland, China, Iran und anderen Fragen
Januar 28, 2021

An seinem ersten vollen Arbeitstag stellte sich Außenminister Blinken den Fragen der Presse und nahm Stellung zu Themen wie Russland, China und Iran:

„We’re reviewing all of these actions that are of deep concern to us, whether it is the treatment of Mr. Navalny, and particularly the apparent use of a chemical weapon in an attempt to assassinate him. We’re looking very urgently as well at SolarWinds and its various implications. We’re looking at the reports of bounties placed by Russia on American forces in Afghanistan. And of course, we’re looking at these questions of election interference. So all of that, as the President and the White House have indicated, are under review…
The relationship between the United States and China is arguably the most important relationship that we have in the world going forward. It’s going to shape a lot of the future that – that we all live, and increasingly that relationship has some adversarial aspects to it. It has competitive ones. And it also still has cooperative ones…
President Biden has been very clear in saying that if Iran comes back into full compliance with its obligations under the JCPOA, the United States would do the same thing and then we would use that as a platform to build, with our allies and partners, what we called a longer and stronger agreement and to deal with a number of other issues that are deeply problematic in the relationship with Iran.

But we are a long ways from that point. Iran is out of compliance on a number of fronts.“