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Renewal of Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA)


The U.S. Consulate Frankfurt invites you to submit a proposal for a Blanket Purchase Agreement.

Blanket Purchase Agreements, also known as “BPAs,” are arrangements between the Government and responsible sources that allow us to order supplies or non-personal services. BPAs are useful for quick acquisition of items that cannot reasonably be anticipated in advance and are not available from a required source. BPAs are useful when we have repetitive, but unpredictable, needs in a general class of supplies or services.

A BPA is not a contract or purchase order. A BPA is like a charge account that sets forth terms and conditions prior to an actual purchase, significantly reducing paperwork and the administrative cost per order. Once the BPA is issued, the Government can place orders and the contractor can make delivery without a separate purchase order for each order. The exact items, quantities and delivery requirements are NOT known in advance and may vary considerably. BPA is not a binding contract. It is an account set up with a specific company.

The U.S. Government intends to renew/ issue BPAs for the following supplies or services:

Air Conditioning-Heating Service
Household Appliances and Electronic Devices
Appliance Service and Service Supplies
Automotive Service
Carpentry Services and Supplies
Chimney Sweeping, Raingutter Cleaning, Roof Repair Service
Cleaning Services and Supplies
Construction and Hardware Supplies
Courier Service
Electrical Service and Supplies
Floor Rehabilitation Services and Supplies
Gardening & Grounds Service and Supplies
General Trades Services
Glazier Service
Hand Tools
Laundry Services (Carpets, Upholstery, Linens)
Metal Services
Moving Service-Customs and Handling
Painting Service and Supplies
Pest Control Supplies
Plumbing Service and Supplies
Pump Repair Services
Rental of Vehicles
Repair & Service (Carpentry Machines, Furniture Lift, Water Dispensers, Gym Equipment)
Repair of Office Machines (A/V, Copiers, LAN Cabling, Shredder)
Shredding Service
Signs and Presentation Supplies
Small Vehicle Repair (Bicycles, Forklifts, Kärcher, Tractor)
Translation Service
Trash Dumping Service

For further details or any questions please contact:

Purchasing Agents: Thomas Petersen or Mark Wheeler



Purchase of Household Rugs


Request for Quotation Number: 19GE2119P0401

The U.S. Consulate General Frankfurt invites you to submit an offer for a firm fixed price for:

1. 85 each, 9′ x 12′ (275 cm x 365 cm) Area Rugs

2. 40 each, 3′ x 9′ (90 cm x 275 cm) Area Rugs

3. 225 each, 3′ x 6′ (90 cm x 180 cm) Area Rugs

A. Include all expenses for the cutting/binding of the area rugs & any freight surcharges (packing & handling) which may be incurred.
B. Padding should sewn-in to the underside of the carpet.
C. Each carpet should be individually rolled and wrapped in a plastic protective covering.
D. The color scheme should be similar to attached color example: (Bread Pudding 2C705).
E. Please see attached Statement of Work (pdf) for further details.

Qualified companies interested in the solicitation shall express their interest by writing or submission of a written offer to the attention of Mr. Mark Wheeler at, no later than 15 February 2019 using the solicitation number 19GE2119P0401 in the subject line.

Quotations must be submitted by close of business, 22 February 2019

The responsible purchasing agent for this announcement is: Mark Wheeler