Feiertagskalender 2019

The Mission will observe the following American and German holidays in 2019:

Jan 01 Tuesday New Year’s Day AM / GER
Jan 06 * M Sunday Epiphany GER
Jan 21 Monday Martin Luther King Day AM
Feb 18 Monday President’s Day AM
Mar 08 * B Freitag Int. Frauentag GER
Apr 19 Friday Good Friday GER
Apr 22 Monday Easter Monday GER
May 01 Wednesday Labor Day GER
May 27 Monday Memorial Day AM
May 30 Thursday Ascension Day GER
Jun 10 Monday Whit Monday GER
Jun 20 * BN,D,F,M Thursday Corpus Christi Day GER
Jul 04 Thursday Independence Day AM
Aug 15 * M Thursday Assumption Day GER
Sep 02 Monday Labor Day AM
Oct 03 Thursday Day of German Unity GER
Oct 14 Monday Columbus Day AM
Oct 31 * L Thursday Reformation Day GER
Oct 31 * HH Thursday Day of Reformation GER
Nov 01 * BN,D,M Friday All Saints Day GER
Nov 11 Monday Veterans Day AM
Nov 20 * L Wednesday Repentance Day GER
Nov 28 Thursday Thanksgiving AM
Dec 25 Wednesday Christmas AM / GER
Dec 26 Thursday Christmas GER


Germany-wide holidays are observed at the Embassy and all constituent posts. Regional holidays are identified by (*) and designated as followed: B=Berlin, BN=Bonn, D=Düsseldorf, F=Frankfurt, HH=Hamburg, M=Munich, L=Leipzig.