Dr. Claude Fauquet spoke at Humboldt University about his fight against viruses affecting Cassava in Africa.

Dr. Fauquet gave a talk about the importance of Cassava in sub-Saharan Africa and how viruses destroy large parts of the production every year.

In this video Dr. Fauquet talks about the fight against cassava viruses

The USDA, working with the Department of State, scheduled a program for a speaker – Dr. Claude Fauquet, director of the Global Cassava Partnership for the 21st Century – to discuss his work on cassava and how biotechnology is helping African farmers fight disease in a staple crop.  As part of the tour, Dr. Fauquet came to Berlin on December 5th. Dr. Fauquet visited the economics of horticultural production faculty of Humboldt University to inform students in the international course “biodiversity management and research”.  Dr. Fauquet presented for about 1 hour about the global cassava partnership for the 21st century and explained how biotech helps to fight a against Cassava viruses in Africa.