Ambassador registers for “EasyPASS Registered Traveler Program“

Die Familie des Botschafters zusammen mit Dr. Dieter Romann, Präsident des Bundespolizeipräsidiums, und Vizepräsident der Bundespolizeidirektion Berlin, Ralph W. Krüger

On Sunday February 7, US Ambassador to Germany John Emerson, Mrs. Emerson and two of their daughters, Hayley and Taylor Emerson, registered for the EasyPASS-Registered Traveler Program (RTP) with the German Federal Police at Tegel Airport in Berlin.  Following registration, the Ambassador and his family members were able to test EasyPASS’ e-gates, which they will now be able to use every time they land in Germany from a non-Schengen country.  German Federal Police President Dr. Dieter Romann was on hand to greet the Ambassador and his family and to demonstrate the EasyPASS-RTP border crossing system.

EasyPASS is currently available at six German airports and can be used by citizens of the United States (and Hong Kong) following a brief registration process with the German Federal Police at one of the six participating airports (Berlin Tegel, Cologne/Bonn, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, or Munich).  Instead of waiting in line to undergo immigration checks in person with a Federal Police officer, EasyPASS allows for expedited border crossing into Germany from non-Schengen countries – like the United States — via an automated gate.  Registration in EasyPASS is free of charge. More information about EasyPASS can be found here.

US citizens are able to register with EasyPASS-RTP thanks to a partnership between the German Federal Police and U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP’s) Global Entry Program.  This partnership allows German citizens to apply for membership in CBP’s Global Entry trusted traveler program, which allows members expedited immigration and customs clearance into the United States.  More information about Global Entry can be found here.
(Fotos: © Bundespolizei)

Der Botschafter auf dem Flughafen


Der Botschafter auf dem Flughafen