Coming from the North

Directions from the North

Schweinfurt, Würzburg, Kitzingen, Bamberg, Grafenwöhr, Vilseck, Ansbach, Hohenfels

The Big Picture: From the southbound Autobahn A9, turn west onto the Mittlerer Ring West and then almost immediately south onto Leopoldstrasse. After traveling approximately two and a half miles, turn east on Von-der-Tann-Strasse, travel approximately 150 yards, and you’ll be in the area of the Consulate.

Details: Entering Munich from the north, exit Autobahn A9 at the Mittlerer Ring West. The exit ramp will take you onto the westbound Mittlerer Ring. At the first traffic signal — about .3 of a mile from where you got on the Mittlerer Ring — turn left, i.e., south, onto Leopoldstrasse.

After approximately two miles, you’ll pass by the Siegestor, i.e., a monument in the middle of the street that looks like a miniature Arc de Triomphe. Here the street changes its name from Leopoldstrasse to Ludwigstrasse. Not counting the signal at the Siegestor, continue south to the third traffic light (approximately another .5 of a mile) after the Siegestor and turn left, i.e., east, onto Von-der-Tann-Strasse. You’ll know you’re at the correct intersection because it’s the first one after the Siegestor at which you can turn left. After you’ve traveled about one hundred fifty yards, you’ll come to a traffic signal. Look to your left and you’ll see the beginning of Königinstrasse and the Consulate (a big rectangular building and an American flag on a flagpole).

Parking: Unfortunately, because of the median strip you cannot turn left from Von- der-Tann-Strasse onto Königinstrasse. Nor may you park on eastbound Von-der- Tann-Strasse. What you can do, however — now that you know where you’re going — is try to find parking in the area and then walk back to the Consulate.
Best bets — the parking lot behind the Haus der Kunst (the long gray building about 100 yards almost directly in front of you as you pass the intersection of Königinstrasse and Von-der-Tann-Strasse) on Prinzregentenstrasse to the east of the Consulate; the Lehel neighborhood south of Prinzregentenstrasse to the east of the Consulate; or, if you can get turned around, on Von-der-Tann-Strasse west of the Consulate or on Königinstrasse itself.