Coming from the South

Directions from the South

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Oberammergau

The Big Picture: From the end of northbound Autobahn A95, go north on Garmischerstrasse for approximately 1.9 miles. Exit onto Landsbergerstrasse and turn right (east). After Landsbergerstrasse curves to the south, turn left (east) at
the first traffic signal onto Schwanthalerstrasse. Follow Schwanthalerstrasse to where it ends, and turn left (north) onto the Innerer Ring street called Sonnenstrasse. Follow the Innerer Ring north and then east to the Consulate.

Details: Go the end of northbound Autobahn A95, staying in one of the three left lanes. (That’s so you don’t inadvertently turn east when the Autobahn ends.) Those lanes will feed you into northbound Garmischerstrasse, which is exactly where you want to be. Continue north on Garmischerstrasse. After traveling
approximately 1.5 miles, you’ll come to a tunnel. As you enter the tunnel, get into the right lane. Immediately after the tunnel ends, take the exit to the right marked ” Pasing-Stadtmitte.” If you’re already in the right lane in the tunnel, this shouldn’t be a problem; the right lane becomes the exit lane. At the end of the exit, i.e., at the first traffic signal after leaving the tunnel, turn right, i.e., east, onto Landsbergerstrasse. You’ll see a “Stadtmitte” sign on the right corner of the intersection. (Be careful at the intersection. The far right lane of the exit is a bus lane, not a turn lane. Cars are supposed to turn right from the middle lane.) Continue east on Landsbergerstrasse. After approximately .7 of a mile, the street curves to the left (south). Follow the curve and get into one of the two left lanes. Turn left (east) at the next traffic signal (about 100 yards from where the curve ended). You’ll now be on Schwanthalerstrasse. Continue east on Schwanthalerstrasse until it ends. At that point, turn left (north) onto Sonnenstrasse, one of the streets that make up the Innerer Ring. Edge on over into the right lane and continue north. At the first traffic signal, be sure you’re in one of the two right lanes, which will require you to jog slightly to the right (or northeast) as you go through the intersection before veering back north. Here the street is called Maximilianplatz.
The north and south lanes are divided initially by tram lines and then by a park approximately fifty yards wide. Not counting the traffic signal at which you made the jog to the right, continue north through four more traffic signals. (At the fourth, the cross-street is called Brienner Strasse. On the right just prior to the intersection is a pedestal about fifteen feet high topped by an eternal flame. After crossing Brienner Strasse, where the Innerer Ring changes its name to Oskar-von-Miller-Ring, get into the right lane. Approximately 150 yards beyond the intersection with Brienner Strasse, the right lane becomes an exit to the right. (The other lanes descend into a tunnel at this point.) Stay in the right lane and take the exit, which veers to the
east. The exit will take you onto eastbound Von-der-Tann-Strasse. Continue east approximately 250 yards to the third traffic signal at the intersection of Von-der- Tann-Strasse and Königinstrasse. Look to your left and you’ll see the Consulate (a big rectangular building and an American flag on a flagpole).

Parking: Unfortunately, you cannot turn left from Von-der-Tann-Strasse onto Königinstrasse nor can you park on eastbound Von-der-Tann-Strasse. What you can do, however — now that you know where you’re going — is try to find parking in the area and then walk back to the Consulate. Best bets — the parking lot behind the Haus der Kunst (a long gray building) on Prinzregentenstrasse to the east of the Consulate; the Lehel neighborhood south of Prinzregentenstrasse to the southeast of the Consulate; or, if you can get turned around, on Von-der-Tann-Strasse west of the Consulate or on Königinstrasse itself.