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Frankfurt Leadership Lab
July 10, 2023

Program Overview

Gruppe von stehenden und sitzenden Personen
Frankfurt Leadership Lab participants, mentors, coaches and steering committee members at the launch workshop in September 2023.

Frankfurt Leadership Lab seeks to develop a robust network of change agents engaged and committed to champion the shared values of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) and respect for human rights within Frankfurt’s Consular district, which consists of Baden-Wurttemberg, Hessen, Rhineland-Pfalz and Saarland.   

This consists of an eight-month program for U.S. and German participants to draw strength from each other’s unique disciplines and identities, build leadership skills, expand professional networks, and advance our transatlantic relationship long after the program concludes. 

The U.S. Consulate General in Frankfurt has partnered with Bildungsstätte Anne Frank to implement the program and highlight the importance of standing up and speaking out against antisemitism, racism and intolerance.    

Program Design 

The program achieves its objectives through a blend of three pillars: education, experiential learning, and networking with a diverse group of peers and senior leaders. ​ 

  • Education – The program kick offs with a two-day in-person foundational workshop followed by monthly virtual learning sessions on leadership and inclusion themes.  Participants participate in small group coaching sessions to reinforce these concepts and principles.
  • Experiential – The cohort will separate into five thematic groups of four participants each to develop a joint capstone project that aims to foster diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility while enabling participants to put their skills to work and expand their network. Participants work within their teams to identify a DEIA challenge and design and implement solutions, which will be presented to Mission leadership at the conclusion of the program.
  • Networking – Each small group will be supported by a mentor with experience or resources in the thematic area of their capstone project. The program also provides opportunity to interact and engage in peer-to-peer learning with other mid-level professionals in diverse sectors, as well as opportunities to engage with senior leaders and other ad hoc roundtables by expert speakers and facilitators. 

2023-2024 Leadership Lab Cohort 

The Frankfurt Leadership Lab 2023-2024 program launched on September 21-22 with a two-day in-person workshop and reception with partners jointly committed in promoting DEIA in southwest Germany.  The program continues through May 2024 with monthly virtual workshops, mentoring sessions, peer-to-peer networking, and engagement with senior leadership.     

Congratulations to the following distinguished members of the 2023-2024 Leadership Lab cohort: 

  • Dr. Nada Abedin, Goethe University Hospital Frankfurt 
  • Benjamin Battenberg, Berufliche Schulen Gelnhausen 
  • Annie Buenker, U.S. Consulate General Frankfurt 
  • Dr. Jackie Cruz, Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG 
  • Rebecca Evans, Stomping Ground Strategies, LLC 
  • William Evans, U.S. Consulate General Frankfurt 
  • Fortuna Ghebremeskel, Lufthansa Group 
  • Dr. Rainer Gruhlich, Hessen State Ministry of Higher Education, Research and the Arts 
  • Mohit Gupta, U.S. Consulate General Frankfurt 
  • Amy Hielen, U.S. Consulate General Frankfurt 
  • Jason Jimenez-Bragdon, U.S. Consulate General Frankfurt 
  • Benjamin Lange, Gymnasium Wöhlerschule Frankfurt 
  • Samira Mahi-Moussa, Gutenberg Digital Hub in Mainz 
  • Melissa Mangold, U.S. Consulate General Frankfurt 
  • Ashley Renee Dentremont Matthaeus, Carl-Schurz-Haus 
  • Lea Müller-Kümpel, Elektro-Fachmarkt Fulda Müller KG/Euronics XXL 
  • Robert Payne, U.S. Consulate General Frankfurt 
  • Lisa Roden, Experiment e.V. 
  • Patrick Schaaf, Hessen Film & Medien 
  • Andrew Zvirzdin, U.S. Consulate General Frankfurt 

Capstone Projects 

The capstone project themes for the 2023-24 Frankfurt Leadership Lab are:​  

  • Accessibility and Accommodation – address institutional barriers to provide equal access and opportunity for people of all abilities and disabilities. ​  
  • Inclusive Language/Media/Technology – establish resources, tools or services to promote inclusive communication and content.​  
  • Organizational Inclusion (Consulate) – advance an inclusive workplace and community for members of the U.S. Consulate General Frankfurt.​  
  • Organizational Inclusion (Institutions/Communities) – advance an inclusive environment for institutions or communities in Frankfurt’s consular district.​ 
  • Youth Empowerment/Civic Engagement – develop the future leaders of the transatlantic relationship and promote democratic values.  



For more information about this program, please contact: FrankfurtLeadershipLab@state.gov.