“Going Green” 2014

As part of the nationwide “Going Green” e-learning project, the U.S. Embassy launched a series of teacher training seminars to prepare secondary teachers for the work with their students on “Going Green” in the fall. U.S. experts John Dean, University of Versailles, Bologna-based Fulbright Professor Kevin Krizek, and Christianna Stavroudis, Greifswald University, prepared presentations on the history of the green movement in the U.S. and documentary film, redesigning our communities and sustainable traffic models, and political cartoons and green issues. Torben Schmidt and Joannis Kaliampos, experts in teaching English at Leuphana University Lüneburg, the principal partners in the project, presented the newly established website “goinggreen2014.org” and explained the project objectives. The first three seminars in Rostock (March 7), Halle (March 8) and Berlin (March 11) reached more than 150 teachers already. Similar seminars are conducted in Chemnitz and Nürnberg (March 12 and 13) and Wiesbaden and Duesseldorf in the early summer. “Going Green” is a major national campaign geared at secondary schools and builds on experts, teacher trainings and web 2.0 innovative teaching tools. In the fall of 2014, students will work on individual classroom projects and submit proposals to a national contest.