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January 7, 2022

Going Green – Education for Sustainability 2021-2022 A Q&A session with the Teach About US team



Tuesday, January 25, 17:00-18:00 (virtual)
Going Green – Education for Sustainability 2021-2022
A Q&A session with the Teach About US team (in German and English)




Are you considering participating in our award-winning blended learning project Going Green – Education for Sustainability 2021-2022 in the second half of the school year? Have you already worked with the curriculum last year and would like to give us feed-back or ask about how to enter the competition at the end of the school year?

We will briefly talk about our plans to further develop the Going Green curriculum, explain how the project works and mainly answer your questions. Check out the Demo courses on https://www.teachaboutus.org/ and come prepared with questions and suggestions.

The project curriculum is taught entirely in English and designed for the English language classroom at German High Schools. Yet it can be taught across the curriculum and adapted to classroom work outside of Germany as well.  Lesson plans and the individual modules have been developed to incorporate STEM content to attract participation of science teachers in Germany and the U.S. They can be taught throughout the school year in about four to six weeks or as a project week.



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