Going Green – Education for Sustainability

Going Green – Education for Sustainability

‘Going Green’ is an intercultural blended-learning project. German and U.S. students explore approaches to sustainable development in both countries collaboratively through a joint e-learning platform (Moodle). Materials are free of charge, include a pdf version and can be accessed through a registration process via Moodle. The project goal is to develop strategies across the Atlantic which result in local solutions to combat climate change. The 2015/16 project cycle will conclude in April before Earth Day with a student conference and competition.

Going Green is the product of a partnership between the U.S. Embassy in Berlin, Leuphana University Lüneburg, and LIFE e.V., with support by the Goethe Institute in Washington D.C.  Going Green received the “Ausgezeichnete Orte – Land der Ideen” award 2015.

It is not too late to participate with your students!

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