First held in July 1909, Germany’s “Innovation and Leadership in Aerospace (ILA)” trade show in Berlin is the oldest and one of the top three largest international aerospace trade shows in the world. In fact, the Wright Brothers were exhibitors at the first ILA! Although it takes place in Berlin, ILA is not just a German trade show. With its strategic location, it is a draw for Central and Eastern European partners. Accordingly, the Under Secretary of Defense (Policy) designated ILA as one of 19 international tradeshows deemed to be in the national security interest of the United States for FY18.

Even with a shorter, four-day format, ILA 2016 featured 50 aerospace conferences, more than 1,000 exhibitors from 37 nations, some 150,000 trade and public visitors, 200 aircraft, and the largest space exhibition in Europe! In addition, 46 military delegations attended, including Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel, China, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Austria, Myanmar, India, and Morocco, offering excellent opportunities for bi-lateral engagements.

ILA 2018 will take place 25-29 April 2018 (back to a five-day format). Commercial vendors should register on the ILA Berlin website at Official U.S. Government participants should register with the Office of Defense Cooperation below. We look forward to seeing you in Berlin!

Official U.S. Government/Military Participants

  1. Step #1)
    Register with ODC Germany: The only way for official U.S. government/military visitors to receive an ILA Berlin access badge is to register via the following link. Please register at this link prior to completing any other steps.
  2. Step #2)
    Reserve your Hotel Room: After registering with ODC at the above link, you may reserve your hotel room as part of our event block. Distinguished Visitors should register at either the Hotel Adlon Kempinski or the Seehotel Berlin Rangsdorf while Aircrew/Support Personnel should register at the Van Der Valk Hotel. Due to higher lodging rates in Berlin during ILA, it is highly recommended to request Actual Expense Allowance (AEA) authorization up to 150 % of the total locality per diem rate for lodging expenses from the respective USG HQs.


  3. Step #3)
    Submit your Country Clearance and apply for your Visa. All official DoD / US Government visitors are required to comply with the DoD Foreign Clearance Guide, available at Country Clearance requests should be submitted at least 30 days prior to date of visit listing “ILA Berlin Air Show” as the purpose. U.S. Military and DoD-civilians may submit requests via Aircraft and Personnel Automated Clearance System (APACS) found at or via a Request For Visit (RFV) form submitted to DoD-contractors must be processed through Defense Security Services (DSS) International Division.


Welcome Packet

ODC Germany will provide a welcome packet for all registered official DoD/U.S. Government visitors, including a schedule of events, event badge (if applicable), Actual Expense Authorization (AEA) memorandum, emergency phone numbers and procedures, and a Berlin Visitor Guide. Badges will NOT be distributed by mail or on-site at the show.

Uniform Policy

Personal security is of primary concern. Per U.S. European Command guidance, travel via public transportation in military uniform is NOT authorized. Those who wish to travel to/from the air show in uniform must utilize rental vehicles or dedicated transportation.

ILA Berlin 2018 Entry Badges

An official ILA Berlin badge is required to gain entry to the exhibition site during trade days. ODC Germany will process ALL badges for official DoD/U.S. Government visitors. To ensure you receive a badge, register on the ODC site (Step #1 above) and submit your country clearance request (Step #3 above) as soon as possible.

For guests and show participants, show badges will be presented at the hotel during check-in.

Due to enhanced security requirements, please be prepared to provide a government-issued photo ID (DoD CAC Card, Passport, Driver’s License, etc.) at the entrance to the show.

Schedule of Events

A U.S. Government-related schedule will be provided in the Welcome Packet on 24 April. The most up-to-date show schedule can be found at


A bus or van will be provided between the Adlon Kempinski hotel and the air show during the professional days. Transit to the show can take 45-90 minutes depending on traffic conditions. Uniforms may be worn aboard ODC-provided tranportation.
Public Transport:
Public transportation is also available from the Brandenburger Tor rail station directly outside the Adlon Kempinski hotel. For more information, please visit the website If using public transportation to travel to the air show, please budget at least 1 hour each way. Uniforms are NOT authorized on public transportation.

Official and Industry Receptions

Official and industry receptions are by invitation only. Your host should provide your invitation(s) to these events. ODC Germany does not coordinate industry invitations and will not provide transportation to/from private events. Per U.S. European Command guidance, travel via public transportation in military uniform is NOT authorized. Those who wish to travel to/from private events in uniform must utilize rental vehicles or dedicated transportation.

ODC would like to call your attention to an issue that could require advance planning on the part of senior visitors. Business at the ILA Berlin Air Show is often conducted over meals or during private industry receptions. 5 CFR 2635.204(i) provides that “Meals, refreshments and entertainment in foreign areas may be accepted ‘in the course of a breakfast, luncheon, dinner or other meeting or event . . .’ if ALL of the following apply:
1. Market value of gift does not exceed maximum per diem rate for the foreign area.
2. Includes participation by non-U.S. citizens or representatives of foreign governments or other foreign entities.
3. Attendance is part of employee’s official duties.
4. Gift is not from a foreign government.”
However, ODC Germany does not provide legal counsel. You are advised to consult with your legal office concerning ethics and receipt of gifts.

Point of Contact

  • ODC Berlin Air Show Coordinator: Maj Christopher Heinz
    +49 (0)228-329-2704
  • International Armaments Cooperation Officer:
    Mr. Chris Charveron
    +49 (0)30-8305-2040
  • Please address questions to ODC Germany by email at: