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June 15, 2022

Berlin Air & Trade Show (ILA)


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ILA2022 Update – ODC Germany –  June 13 (PDF)

ILA2022 Master Site Plan

First held in July 1909, Germany’s “Innovation and Leadership in Aerospace (ILA)” trade show in Berlin is the oldest and one of the top three largest international aerospace trade shows in the world. In fact, the Wright Brothers were exhibitors at the first ILA! With its strategic location, it is a draw for Central and Eastern European partners with over 41 nations represented and hundreds of high-level international military and government delegations, as well as over 1100 industry exhibitors and 180,000 visitors. This makes ILA an exceptional venue for meeting international counterparts, conducting government-to-government meetings, pursuing industry engagements and is a cost-effective means of advancing U.S. regional and international interests.

ILA 2022 will take place 22-26 June 2022. Commercial vendors should register on the ILA Berlin website at https://www.ila-berlin.de/en. Official U.S. Government participants must register with the Office of Defense Cooperation (ODC) below. We look forward to seeing you in Berlin!


IMPORTANT! 3 Required Actions!

*** Please complete the following 3 steps IN ORDER ***

Step #1- Register with ODC Germany

The ONLY way for official U.S. Government delegations/visitors to secure a zero-cost USG ILA Ticket is to register via the ODC Germany link highlighted below. ALL USG delegations/visitors MUST register with ODC NO LATER THAN 3 June in order to receive an ILA ticket. In response, ODC will obtain professional visitor ticket voucher codes for each member of your delegation and provide to you with instructions to complete registration on the official ILA ticket site. Please register at this link prior to completing any other steps.

Click Here for: ODC Germany – Berlin Air & Trade Show (ILA) 2022 Registration

NOTE: Aircrew, maintenance, security, Embassy-Berlin and other show staff will receive tickets through alternative means

Step #2- Reserve your Hotel Room

UPDATE: Although the hotel booking deadline has passed, please coordinate with ODC for suggested hotels, particularly for any newly registered USG VIP delegations.

US Government Delegations: After registering with ODC at the above link, Distinguished Visitors and their delegation should make a hotel reservation directly with the Westin Grand Berlin using the keyword “US Embassy Germany” to ensure you receive the U.S. Embassy-negotiated rate.

The Westin Grand Berlin

Address: Friedrichstrasse 158-164 · 10117 Berlin · Germany

E-mail: Reservation@westin-berlin.com

Telephone: 0049-30-2027-3420

Fax: 0049-30-2027-3419

Reservation Deadline: 8 May 2022

NOTE: To ensure accommodations at the negotiated rates, ODC Germany urges visitors to make arrangements before these deadlines. ODC has blocked a sufficient number of hotel rooms for U.S. Government Visitors. All remaining rooms will be released back to the hotels after the deadlines. ODC is unable to guarantee room availability at the negotiated hotel rates after these dates.

***Breakfast is included at both Westin Grand and Van Der Valk Hotel***

DoD Aircrew/Support Personnel: After registering with ODC at the above link, aircrew and support personnel should make a reservation at the Van Der Valk Hotel using the keyword “ILA ODC 2022.

Van Der Valk Hotel Berlin Brandenburg

Address: Eschenweg 18 · 15827 Blankenfelde-Mahlow · Germany

 E-Mail: Reservierung@Berlin.Vandervalk.de

Telephone: 0049-33708-58664

Fax: 0049-33708-58888

Reservation Deadline: 8 May 2022

Step #3 – Submit your Country Clearance (if required)


(1) a private industry where discussions will be CLASSIFIED or

(2) German military facilities (including the Ministry of Defense).

If country clearance is required: In addition to APACS, for visits to German military facilities or private industry where classified information will be discussed, complete and submit a request for visit (RFV) form in accordance with the DoD Foreign Clearance Guide, Section III.C.6.B (https://www.fcg.pentagon.mil/fcg.cfm) and email the RFV to BerlinRFV@state.gov.

If country clearance is NOT required: In addition to APACS, DoD visitors only need TDY orders and CAC. Reference the FCG for further questions.

2+4 Treaty Special Country Clearance Requests

The USAREUR-AF Liaison Office, U.S. Embassy Berlin, is the POC for any 2+4 Treaty special country clearance requests and can be contacted at usarmy.badenwur.usareur.mbx.usareur-lno-berlin-group@army.mil, or telephone: 0049-30-8305-2330/2311.


Welcome Packet

ODC Germany will provide a welcome packet for all registered official DoD/U.S. Government visitors, including a schedule of events, VIP badge (if applicable), emergency phone numbers and procedures, and a Berlin Visitor Guide.

Uniforms & Uniform Policy

Service dress uniforms (Business Attire) are worn on all Trade/Industry days. EXCEPTION: Aircrew and support personnel. Personal security is of primary concern. Per EUCOM and Embassy Germany regulations, travel via public transportation in uniform is NOT authorized.

ILA Berlin 2022 Official Business Tickets

An official ILA Ticket is required to gain entry to the Berlin Air & Trade Show (ILA) grounds. To ensure you receive a ticket, register with the ODC (Step #1 above) and submit your country clearance request as required (Step #3 above) as soon as possible. See below for directions on how to obtain private tickets for family or friends on Public Air Show days (25-26 June).

ILA Berlin 2022 Public Air Show Tickets

Unfortunately this year, due to security restrictions, ODC will not receive any family visitor tickets. If your family or friends would like to come and visit the show, please go to the ILA Ticketshop and purchase your tickets in advance. Children under the age of 6 are free, and discounted tickets are available for students, severely disabled, and active duty military members with a valid ID. Please note that due to increased hygiene and security measures, there will be a more limited ticket contingent. The organizer, Messe Berlin, recommends purchasing Public Air Show tickets as early as possible.

Please be prepared to provide a government-issued photo ID (DoD CAC Card, Passport, Driver’s License, etc.) at the entrance to the show.

Schedule of Events

A U.S. Government-related schedule will be provided in the Welcome Packet upon arrival. The most up-to-date show schedule can be found at https://www.ila-berlin.de/en/stages-overview#/ ​and a list of other VIP delegations as well as “by invitation only” events are located at https://www.ila-berlin.de/en/_BDLI-Delegationen_2022.


An ODC-contracted shuttle will be provided for U.S. Government visitors between select delegation hotels and the trade show “West Gate” on 22 and 23 June only. Transit to the show takes approximately 45-60 minutes depending on traffic conditions. Uniforms may be worn on ODC-contracted bus transportation. The shuttle will provide two roundtrip transportation in the morning departure from The Westin at 0900 & 1100 or from the Sheraton at 0915 & 1115, and afternoon return from ILA at 1600 & 1800.

Current Shuttle Schedule:

Location Departure Location Return
Westin –> Sheraton 0900-0915 ILA –> Sheraton 1600-1645
Sheraton –> ILA 0915-1000 Sheraton –> Westin 1645-1700
Westin –> Sheraton 1100-1115 ILA –> Sheraton 1800-1845
Sheraton –> ILA 1115-1200 Sheraton –> Westin 1845-1900


Official and Industry Receptions

Official and industry receptions are by invitation only. Your host should provide you invitations to these events. Outside of the Embassy hosted U.S. industry reception and the transatlantic reception at the Reichstag, ODC Germany does not have a role in invitations. Those who wish to travel to/from private events in uniform must utilize taxis/rental vehicles or dedicated transportation.

NOTE: ODC would like to call your attention to an issue that could require advance planning on the part of distinguished visitors. Business at the Berlin Air Show is often conducted over meals. Senior visitors may therefore be invited to hosted working lunches during the show, and the regulations covering participation in such meals in Germany are different from those in CONUS. If you have any questions, please coordinate with your legal office.

Embassy Access

The U.S. Embassy is not open to the public. Access is controlled for security reasons and limited to official business.

Websites of Interest

Point of Contact

Please read this informational webpage in its entirety before contacting ODC Germany with questions. Please address any additional questions to ODC Germany by email at ILABerlinAirshow@state.gov.