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The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty
January 29, 2019

Reagan, Gorbachev, INF
Reagan, Gorbachev, INF
  1. What is the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces treaty?
    An arms control agreement signed in 1987 between the United States and the Soviet Union to eliminate all nuclear and conventional missiles with ranges of 500–5,500 km. Germany and other European Allies were critically important to encouraging both the United States and the USSR to come to the table then.
    Find out more: www.state.gov/t/avc/rls/2017/276359.htm
  2. How many diplomatic engagements have there been on INF since 2013?
    For more info: www.state.gov/t/avc/inf/287411.htm
  3. Has there been multilateral review of the status of the INF treaty?
    Yes, with NATO Allies urging Russia in July 2018 to address concerns about Treaty violations.The Brussels Summit Declaration was the document produced by the participants of the North Atlantic Council meeting in Brussels in 2018. Along with affirming NATO’s role, paragraph 46 has to do with INF, and states that “the most plausible assessment would be that Russia is in violation of the Treaty. NATO urges Russia to address these concerns in a substantial and transparent way, and actively engage in a technical dialogue with the United States.”
    See: www.nato.int/cps/en/natohq/official_texts_156624.htm#46
  4. Where can I go for more information on INF?
    See the Factsheet from our Bureau of Arms Control, Verification and Compliance