Innovation for a sustainable future

Leading scientists and policy makers working on German and U.S. bioeconomy issues met “face to face” in the U.S. Embassy Berlin on September 22.

Kent Logsdon, Deputy Chief of Mission, welcomed 60 parliamentarians, scientists, government and industry representatives, and journalists to the U.S. embassy on September 22, 2015, to start a dialogue between the U.S. and German bioeconomy. Peter Bleser, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, stated that both countries need to realize the opportunities and the success of bioeconomy will depend on the dialogue with society.

Harry Baumes, Director of the Office of Energy Policy and New Uses at the United States Department of Agriculture, explained that bioeconomy will develop innovative solutions like biotechnology and that these innovations need science based regulations.

Both Germany and the U.S. have set ambitious goals and taken the lead with specific national bioeconomy strategies. The dialogue at the U.S. Embassy disclosed that Germany and the U.S., as partners, develop and implement policies that embrace both innovation and sustainability, while taking advantage of agricultural science and biotecnology. The dialogue “Innovation for a Sustainable Future” was hosted by the Embassy of the United States in Berlin in partnership with Bioökonomierat.