Contract Opportunities

The U.S. Embassy in Berlin, General Services Offices / Procurement, seeks to contract with qualified reliable firms with sufficient resources, financing and work experience for delivering and performing a variety of commodities and/ or services.

To be considered the company shall be able to meet, satisfy, understand and comply with the requirements in the Notice to Potential Offerors.

Below are current opportunities. Qualified firms interested in any of these opportunities must follow the specific instructions in the solicitation description.



Request for Quotation:
Real Estate Services for US Embassy


The U.S. Embassy has a requirement for Real Estate Services to include Market Survey Report and Offers for Lease/Buy options for official residences in Leipzig Stadt district.

1.	Request for Quotation Number:	19GE2119Q0933

2.	Due date for quotation:	28 June 2019

Responsible vendors can contact the following to receive a solicitation package.

Peter Jefferies
Tel: +49 30 8305 1512