Overseas Seasonal Hire Program (OSHP)

HR is now accepting applications for the winter 2019/ spring 2020 Overseas Season Hire Program for a limited time.  Full application details are found at the end of this announcement.  Applications must be submitted to Employment-Germany@state.gov,  no later than COB on Monday, September 30, 2019.  We will try to accommodate all applicants, but we will prioritize applications received by the deadline.

Qualifications:  The OSHP is designed to facilitate the employment of qualified Eligible Family Member (EFM) students, and to provide special project, clerical and administrative support to posts abroad during summer transfer season.

Applicants for OSHP positions must be at least 16 years of age and meet ALL of the following requirements:

(1.) Applicant must meet the definition of EFM child, as set forth in 3 FAM 7120;

  • Is the child of a sponsoring employee under 21 and unmarried, or (regardless of age) unmarried and incapable of self-support; and
  • Is listed on one of the following:
    • The travel orders of a sponsoring employee who is assigned (not TDY) to a U.S. mission abroad under Chief of Mission authority, or at an office of the American Institute in Taiwan; or
    • An approved Form OF-126, Foreign Service Residence and Dependency Report (or other agency equivalent), of a sponsoring employee who is assigned (not TDY) to a U.S. mission abroad under Chief of Mission authority, or at an office of the American Institute in Taiwan, and is residing at the sponsoring employee’s post of assignment.


  • Be a child undertaking travel for which a U.S. government employee is authorized to receive an Educational Travel Allowance, as set forth in DSSR 280, if that child were to undertake study at a school away from post. This may be age 22 (up to the child’s 23rd birthday).

(2.) Applicant must be in Student Status:

  • Must be a full-time or part-time student currently enrolled in a course of study at a high school, college, university, or other educational institution, including on-line. Upon request, applicants must be able to present documentation confirming their student status. Student status does not cease during the break between school years if the break does not exceed twelve (12) months and if the applicant can produce documentation of enrollment for a course of study at a high school, college, university, or other educational institution, including on-line, which will begin immediately after the break.

(3.) Applicant must be able to pass a non-sensitive security background investigation:

  • Students must submit form the SF-85 initiation form and complete the e-QIP case in a timely manner.
  • Fingerprint Cards are required to obtain clearances.
    • Fingerprints are only required if applicant has not previously submitted them within the last 18 months.
    • An appointment for fingerprinting can be made with the RSO if the student is at post.
    • If the student is away from post, contact the OSHP coordinator for guidance.
  • Proof of Citizenship must be submitted. A photocopy of the picture/information page on the passport is sufficient.

OSHP is not an internship program. Although there is no guarantee that an OSHP assignment will fulfill internship requirements, students may include a request for internship credit with information and requirements in the student application form.

Timing:  The winter 2019/ spring 2020 OSHP period is between October 19, 2019 and April 30, 2020. OSHP applicants must be able to work full time for two consecutive weeks during this period.

CompensationOSHP positions are subject to the availability of funding.  Much of the work to be performed during the seasonal breaks is normally of a routine clerical nature, and posts employ all seasonal hires at grade FS-BB, step 1 on the Foreign Service Extended Pay Schedule, regardless of each student’s education or experience. OSHP students only receive compensation for hours actually worked and do not accrue and are not eligible for annual leave, sick leave, holiday pay and danger pay.

All compensation payments must be made through electronic funds transfer (EFT); employees must provide a completed Direct Deposit Sign-up Form (SF 1199A), per the below application requirements.

Application Process:  A complete application packet must be electronically submitted by COB, Tuesday, September 30, 2019 to Employment-Germany@state.gov. The application packet requires the following attached forms:

  • Mission Germany OSHP Application Form
  • 2019 W-4 Tax form (please note the State you are registered in at the top left hand corner of the W-4 Tax form.)
  • State Tax form
  • Direct Deposit form (must also include one of the following):
    • Online bank statement with account and routing number
    • Official bank letter with account and routing number
    • Voided check with account and routing number
    • Personal deposit slip with account and routing number
  • e-QIP Initiation form

Please note: The forms are available on this page under the Required Forms/Documents tab.

Submission: To submit your complete application package please attach the above documents to your email and send them to Employment-germany@state.gov.  All required forms must be turned in together. Please include OSHP, your name and the post you are applying to in the subject line of the e-mail, e.g., OSHP John Smith Munich.

To obtain further information about the program, please use the appropriate post point of contact listed below:

Berlin: Lucie Fay (FayLS@state.gov)
Frankfurt, DüsseldorfFrankfurtEFMEmployment@state.gov
Munich: Andrea Proctor (ProctorAS@state.gov)