Leipzig’s Consul General Riedmann explores Greiz

Leipzig CG Scott Riedmann in Greiz

On September 16, Leipzig’s Consul General Scott R. Riedmann visited Greiz in Thuringia for a full day of programs. The Consulate General in Leipzig is responsible for three German states: Thuringia, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. In Greiz, he first met with students of the Ulf-Merbold-Gymnasium for a Meet US program. After he told the students about his work as a diplomat and about his career that took him around the world, Consul General Riedmann met with twelve students from two schools in the region who are preparing for their participation in the German-American-Partnership-Program (GAPP).  The kids will travel to the U.S. in October and will spend a high school year there.

Following the meetings with the students, Consul General Riedmann toured the Chemiewerk Bad Köstritz outside of Greiz, a German company that has close trade relations to the U.S.  He there met with business representatives from Gera and Bad Köstritz for a discussion of the opportunities and challendes of T-TIP for small and medium enterprises.

Article about the visit in the local paper Ostthüringer Zeitung: http://www.otz.de/startseite/detail/-/specific/US-Generalkonsul-Scott-Riedmann-gibt-in-Greiz-Einblicke-in-Kulturen-1113993205