Video Message for Ludwig Erhard Summit

Video Message for Ludwig Erhard Summit
Seeforum Rottach-Egern at Tegernsee, January 12, 2018
CDA Kent Logsdon

Ladies and gentlemen,

On behalf of the U.S. Mission to Germany it is a great honor to send my greetings to the distinguished audience of the Ludwig Erhard Gipfel.  I regret that I am unable to join you today.

The topics on your agenda – the digital revolution and the impact of innovation on the financial economy – are of crucial importance to both of our countries.

The United States and Germany share fundamental interests and values.  Our economic, political, and security relationships are critical to shared prosperity and continued stability.  Those relationships are based on extensive people-to-people ties and close coordination at the most senior levels.  Our relationship is built on the confidence that we can talk candidly to one another – even when we disagree on certain issues.  The intense level of engagement between our government and the German government shows how much we value our relationship.  Germany’s leadership role within Europe and worldwide is respected and appreciated.

Germany is a trusted friend, an important ally, and a close partner in our engagement with Europe and the world, as together we address many critical global challenges.  In fact, there is hardly an area in world affairs where our cooperation is not essential.  As partners, we press for effective solutions to shared problems.  We confront common threats.  And we seek areas of agreement and cooperation.

Today I wish you great success in exploring global financial trends and Germany’s position as a strong transatlantic partner within the international economy.

All the best from Berlin!