Mercator Fellows Roundtable

Ambassador John B. Emerson hosted a roundtable with fellows from the Mercator College on International Affairs. Ambassador Emerson and the fellows engaged in a candid discussion of some of the current issues faced by the United States and the European Union and the importance of a strong transatlantic relationship.

The Mercator Fellowship on International Affairs promotes 20 outstanding German and four outstanding Swiss university graduates and young professionals from all fields who aspire to positions of responsibility in international organizations. The Mercator Fellowship is a project jointly run by the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes (German National Academic Foundation) and the Mercator Foundation in cooperation with the Federal Foreign Office. The Fellowship’s dean is Prof. Dr. Klaus Scharioth, former State Secretary in the German Federal Foreign Office and ambassador to Washington, and the vice dean is Dr. Jenö Staehelin, former Swiss ambassador to the United Nations in New York.