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June 6, 2019

Lady standing behind a podium giving a speech
CdA Quinville introducing Rosenberg and Oberlandert

We partnered with the Canadian Embassy, Berlin to bring Holocaust survivor Judy Rosenberg and her grandson Jason Oberlander to Germany. Oberlander’s film MISCHLING documents the story of Rosenberg’s family trapped in Nazi Germany and her return to her homeland decades later. After screenings and discussions with youth in Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, and Leipzig, our two Embassies invited school students from Berlin and Brandenburg to a joint program at the Canadian Embassy today. We believe that nothing is more effective than the testimony of survivors in conveying the reality of the Holocaust. Their shared memories provide context. Their stories are humbling and inspiring. Hearing first-hand accounts of the horrors of the Holocaust, seeing the amazing resilience of survivors, and making sure their stories live on, are some of the ways we can strengthen our resolve. Thank you, Judy and Jason, for making this trip together to Germany.