Obama’s Address to the Nation

Remarks of President Barack Obama Weekly Address The White House December 12, 2015

WASHINGTON, DC — In this week’s address, the President praised our country’s resilience in the face of terrorism, and discussed how we will keep America safe.  Our military has been stepping up its campaign to destroy ISIL, and our airstrikes are hitting ISIL harder than ever before.  The President emphasized that we will continue to move forward on all fronts, which is why this week he will go to the Pentagon to review our military campaign, and to the National Counterterrorism center to review our efforts to prevent attacks.  And he reminded us that we all have a part to play in the fight against terrorism – potential terrorist attacks have been prevented over the years because someone saw something and said something.  Americans should not turn against one another by letting this fight be defined as a war between America and Islam, which is what ISIL wants and only serves to undermine our national security.  The President praised Americans across the country who have come together to reaffirm our core values and stand up, forcefully, for freedom of religion.