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Prohibited Items
March 31, 2018

The following items are PROHIBITED and cannot be brought on to the premises or left with the guards! 

  • Electronic devices, such as mobile phones, iPods, iPads, fitbits, USB sticks, cameras, video cameras, tan generators or code keys
  • Firearms and edged weapons
  • Explosives
  • Chemical agents, liquids and gasses (sprays)
  • Liquid cosmetics, small mirrors and perfumes

To facilitate and speed up your entry into the compound we recommend you bring no large bags such as suitcasesbackpacks and packages.

Baby food and/or essential medications (in plastic containers only, NO glass) should be brought to the attention of the guards.

Once you enter the screening area, be prepared to remove all metallic items, together with your coat/jacket, belt, handbag/rucksack/briefcase, etc.

We thank you for your cooperation.