Transatlantic Symposium on Innovative Approaches to Integration

How do you to ensure that refugees can adjust, integrate and thrive in communities so they become contributing members of society? That was the topic of discussion in Berlin on Sept. 29-30 at the Transatlantic Symposium on Innovative Approaches to Integration hosted by the U.S. Ambassador. To share the best integration practices from Germany and the United States, the Embassy convened an active group of German and American community leaders, government officials, NGO leaders, and experts working on educational integration, job creation, and creating welcoming communities for the newly arrived. Ambassador Emerson opened the event with by pointing out the value that well-integrated immigrants bring to the United States. The participants were treated to a global view of the challenge of refugees through a readout on President Obama’s Leaders’ Summit on Refugees from Anne Richard, U.S. Assistant Secretary for Population, Migration and Refugees and Mathias Licharz, Director, Department for Global Issues, German Federal Chancellery. The Symposium also featured lessons learned from 25 German and 15 American integration practitioners who had traveled on a U.S.-German exchange program to study best practices for integration on both sides of the Atlantic. The symposium participants appreciated the opportunity to step back for a moment, share their experiences, collect best practices and build their networks for future collaboration as both countries work to manage their integration challenges and successes.