Transatlantic Trade: Business Opportunities And Job Creation

Deputy Assistant USTR Bryant Trick visits Stuttgart

Deputy Assistant USTR Bryant Trick visited Stuttgart on July 21 to meet with representatives of important businesses and Baden-Wurttemberg’s state government to discuss the benefits of TTIP, offer an update on negotiations, and respond to questions about the agreement. Bryant Trick’s focus in the TTIP negotiations are sectoral discussions including automotive and general regulatory issues. He met with representatives of Daimler, Bosch, the IHK, and Minister for the Bundesrat, Europe, and International Affairs Peter Friedrich. After the meetings he said: “It’s clear that TTIP can unlock important business opportunities that will drive growth and job creation throughout Europe. Increasing regulatory transparency and reducing non-tariff trade barriers will build on our strong relationship while at the same time maintaining high health, environment and safety standards expected on both side of the Atlantic. The open exchange with Stuttgart’s automotive industry’s global leaders and small- and medium-sized automotive suppliers and of the Baden-Wurttemberg state administration will help us deliver a package that returns real value.”

Deputy Assistant USTR for Labor Affairs visited Frankfurt

Deputy Assistant USTR for Labor Affairs Carlos Romero visited Frankfurt on July 18 to meet with representatives of important labor unions and businesses in Frankfurt and representatives of the Hessen state government in Wiesbaden to learn more about their concerns regarding the T-TIP negotiations that are currently taking place. Carlos Romero met with representatives of IG Metall, IG Bau, and the Minister of the State Chancellery Axel Wintermeyer. He said after the meetings: “I greatly appreciate the open exchange of ideas and hearing the concerns and hopes of German labor unions and the Hessen state administration. From our discussions, it’s clear that TTIP is creating important opportunities to deepen transatlantic collaboration on labor rights issues toward the common goal of improving working conditions and standards in the context of broadening our trade relationship.”

  • Carlos Romero (Labor) – Berlin and Frankfurt, July 17-18
  • Jai Motwane (Investment) – Dusseldorf and Munich, July 21-24
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  • Christina Sevilla (SMEs) – Leipzig, July 14-15
    CG | G+
  • Bryant Trick (Sectors – engineering, auto, etc.) – Stuttgart and Berlin, July 21-22