U.S. Air Force’s 920th Rescue Wing receives prestigious German “Rescue medal in gold”

group photo
“This is what heroes look like” (Colonel Kurt Matthews).
On January 26, the German Maritime Search and Rescue Service awarded the U.S. Air Force’s 920th Rescue Wing the institute’s prestigious “Rescue medal in gold” – only the fifth time that this award has been presented in gold since 1955. In July 2017, the U.S. Air Force’s 920th Rescue Wing saved the lives of two Germans when their sail boat caught fire 800 kilometer off the coast of Florida. Turning to representatives of the eighty civilian airmen and women who participated in the rescue mission, Colonel Kurt Matthews said, “This is what heroes look like.”

In his remarks, Consul General Yoneoka stated: “To me, today’s event is much more than a festive award ceremony that honors brave men and women who stood ready when called upon to engage in a rescue mission at sea. To me,” he emphasized, “above all, this extraordinary rescue story is about a human act of kindness; maybe the most noble: saving another’s life. Two lives, in fact. True tothe motto of the 920th Rescue Wing: ‘These things we do, that others may live.’ And as such,” he concluded, “this rescue story is the most meaningful story about German-American relations I can imagine.”