Appointment for eCRBA with Passport Agent

How do I schedule an appointment online if I am affiliated with DoD in Germany?

After completing the online application and making a payment online, please allow up to 3-5 working days for payment to go through and for the Consulate to receive your completed DS-2029 and uploaded documents. After the Consulate has received your package, it will be forwarded to your Passport Acceptance Agent on base. Your Passport Acceptance Agent will email or call to make an appointment for parent’s and child to appear in person to take the oath, accept all original documents, and apply for your child’s tourist and/or no-fee passport. A listing of all passport agents can be found here.

Link to Ansbach website:

Make an appointment: ; DSN: 314 452-4448 ; COMM: 06565-61-4448 ;  Comm: 02451 63 7234; DSN 314-458-6070