Emergency Contacts – All Locations

The numbers below are provided for U.S. citizens who require emergency services such as assistance with the death, arrest, illness, abduction in process, or injury of an American citizen.

Routine services such as passport renewals, reports of birth abroad, and notarials are not considered emergencies and are processed during regular business hours.

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY call the Consulate in your area:

  • Munich
    Dial (089) 2888-0 from within Germany
    or 01149 (89) 2888-0 for calls from the U.S.
  • Frankfurt
    Dial (069) 7535-0 from within Germany
    or 01149 (69) 7535-0 for calls from the U.S.
  • Berlin
    Dial (030) 8305-0 from within Germany
    or 01149 (30) 8305-0 for calls from the U.S.

Note: Time difference between Washington D.C. and Germany is + 6 hours.