Passport Photos

Starting November 1, 2016, eye glasses will 
no longer be allowed in passport photos. Read more here.

Your passport photo must be:

      • In color;
      • Printed on matte or glossy photo quality paper;
      • 2 x 2 inches (51 x 51 mm) in size;
      • Sized such that the head is between 1 inch and 1 3/8 inches (between 25 and 35 mm) from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head. Eye height is between 1 1/8 inches to 1 3/8 inches (28 mm – 35 mm) from the bottom of the photo;
      • Taken within the last 6 months to reflect your current appearance;
      • Taken in front of a plain white or off-white background;
      • Taken in full-face view directly facing the camera;
      • Taken with a neutral facial expression (preferred) or a natural smile, and with both eyes open;
      • Taken in normal street attire, without a hat, head covering, or dark glasses unless a signed doctor’s statement is submitted verifying the item is used daily for medical purposes;
      • No hats or head coverings, unless you wear it daily for religious purposes. Your full face must be visible and your head covering cannot cast shadows on your face
      • No headphones or wireless hands-free devices
      • In the case of a baby, the eyes are not required to be open.

Digitized Photographs

If you choose to submit digitized photographs, they must meet the requirements as listed above or they will be rejected. Some printers will produce an unacceptable photograph in which the dots are seen, or the image is grainy. Acceptable photographs are printed on high-quality photographic paper, have a continuous tone image that is very photo-like, and show the subject clearly in focus.