U.S. Presidential Elections and the Disenchanted Voter

Ronald Brownstein with journalists

On May 9, former Los Angeles Times political correspondent and Pulitzer Prize-nominee Ronald Brownstein, currently Atlantic Media’s Editorial Director for Strategic Partnerships, met with journalists in Berlin to share his insights about the U.S. Presidential Elections.  He argued that economic stagnation and demographic change will be the decisive factors in this year’s presidential elections.  The income of the middle class is lower than 50 years ago and the U.S. is experiencing a rapid demographic change, with 40% of the population being non-white.  There is now a coalition of transformation (that is, of voters who approve of the direction the U.S. is taking) and a coalition of restoration (of voters who think the U.S. is heading in the wrong direction).  According to Brownstein, the coalition of transformation will win in the fall.  For more insight, please watch our video with Brownstein. For more videos on the election including Ambassador Emerson’s comments at key stages of the process look at our election page.