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Victims of Crime
April 3, 2018

Consular Assistance to Victims of Crime:

Being a victim of a crime in a foreign country, can be a devastating and traumatic experience.  While no one can undo the emotional trauma, physical injury, or financial loss you may have experienced, our Special Consular Services units in Germany are ready to help.  We are very concerned about violent crimes committed against U.S. citizens in Germany. We will help you in managing the practical consequences of being a crime victim, and provide you with information about contacting the local criminal justice system, as well as other resources for crime victims abroad and in the United States.

We can: 

We cannot:

  • Investigate crimes.
  • Provide legal advice or represent you in court.
  • Serve as official interpreters or translators.
  • Pay legal, medical, or other fees for you.
  • Request preferential treatment for U.S. citizens during legal proceedings in Germany.

 Additional Resources for Crime Victims in Germany

Disclaimer: We assume no responsibility or liability for the professional ability or reputation of or the quality of service provided by the aforementioned persons or organizations.  This information is provided merely as a convenience to U.S. citizens in Germany and in no way constitutes an official recommendation by the U.S. government or its representatives.

  • Weißer Ring: Relief organization for crime victims. Hotline: 116 006
  • Frauen Gegen Gewalt E.V.: Counselling and emergency aid for women only.
  • Missbrauch-Opfer.info: Comprehensive list of organizations offering assistance after a sexual and/or violence-related crime. Select your “Bundesland” and then your nearest city.
  • Kinderschutzbund: Offers counselling and a variety of other services. Anonymous and confidential advice for children and teenagers. Hotline: 116 111

Last Updated: October 21, 2020