E-1/E-2 – Treaty Trader/Investor Visa

General Information

Please choose the type of E-visa that applies to you:

Thank you for your interest in a Treaty Trader (E-1) or Treaty Investor (E-2) visa.  U.S. Immigration law and regulations permit holders of E-visas to reside in the United States to manage the trade or investments of a U.S. business (the “Enterprise”) or, in certain cases, to provide essential skills to the Enterprise. Holders of E-visas must intend to depart the United States upon the termination of their E-visa status.

Treaty visas are authorized on the basis of treaties of commerce and navigation between the United States and certain countries, including Germany. Thus, German citizens may seek to qualify for Treaty (E) visas. Please note that the Enterprise must be majority-owned, as well as developed and directed by nationals of the Treaty Country (“Treaty Country Nationals”), and individual employees must have the same nationality as the Enterprise to qualify.

E-Visas permit the investor/trader and his/her family to live in the United States during the validity period of the visa. These visas are not immigrant visas; consequently, you are allowed to live in the U.S for as long as the conditions under which the visa was granted remain valid. Dependents are not authorized to work in the U.S. unless they receive explicit authorization to do so from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in the U.S. This authorization must be applied for after your arrival in the U.S.  Please ask the Immigration Officer at the port of entry for details.

It currently takes the Consulate approximately 30 days to process a company registration or renewal of the registration and  schedule an interview. Please note, however, that visa processing times vary according to the time of year and our workload. We cannot guarantee that a visa will be processed in time to meet your travel schedule. We always suggest that you apply well ahead of any planned travel date, allowing extra time for any unforeseen delay.