Processing Time

Please do not make firm travel plans, such as buying a ticket or scheduling events, until you have your visa and IV packet in hand. The Immigrant Visa Unit will make every effort to process your visa promptly. However, we cannot guarantee issuance or delivery by a specific date, and cannot be responsible for any costs you may incur.

Processing times

If the U.S. citizen sponsor is residing in Germany or on U.S. Military orders to Germany and is your spouse or parent (or you as the child have not reached age 21 yet), you may expect a time frame of about 6 months to complete the immigration process (steps 1 and 2).

If your petition is approved in the United States, you may check the USCIS website for petition processing times at USCIS service centers. The processing time at the National Visa Center (after approval of the petition) may vary from  a few weeks to several months or years. Please follow instructions carefully and read the NVC processing information.