How to Apply

Fiance visa petitions approved in the U.S. are processed by the National Visa Center (NVC). Learn more about the National Visa Center and processing at the NVC.

K1 fiancée visa applications are processed by the Immigrant Visa Unit in Frankfurt. The Immigrant Visa Unit will send you a notification letter after the approved petition is received (called “Packet 3”). Upon receipt of this letter you may start your visa application and submit required forms, documents and complete your medical examination.

You must file a Form I-29F to petition to bring your fiancé(e) (K-1) and that person’s children to the U.S. for marriage to you or to bring your spouse and that person’s children (K-3 and K-4 visas, respectively) to the United States to complete processing for permanent resident status (under the LIFE Act and Amendments of 2000).

•  The online immigrant visa application form DS-260 (Immigrant Visa) or DS-160 (K-Visa) for each person applying for a visa, regardless of age
•  Copy of the passport data page
•  Applicable documents as listed on the Immigrant / Fiancé(e) & K-Visa Application Checklist (Pdf)

If you are applying for a spouse visa, please read the Rights and Protections for Foreign-Citizen Fiancé(e)s and Spouses of U.S. Citizens and Spouses of Lawful Permanent Residents information (Pdf) before you attend the visa interview.

Once you have completed the forms and collected all documents, complete and sign the “Request for a visa interview” at the end of the Immmigrant / Fiancé(e) & K-Visa Application Checklist (Pdf), and mail it to:

US Consulate General
Immigrant Visa Unit
Giessener Str 30
60435 Frankfurt

DPO address (ONLY military members, with a DPO sender address, may use this address):

US Consulate General
Immigrant Visa Unit
PSC 115 Box 1011
DPO AE 09213-0115

A medical examination needs to be scheduled with one of the approved German panel physicians (PDF) before you can be scheduled for a visa interview.

Medical examination results for all immigrant visa categories are valid for a maximum of six months.  Visas will be valid only until the expiration date of the medical examination results.  If the visa expires before you travel, you will need to obtain (and pay for) a new visa and medical exam.

The following documents are required for your medical examination:

  • Valid passport
  • 4 photographs (photo requirements)
  • Vaccination records (vaccination requirements)
  • Fee (varies depending on physician)
  • Medical history (disabilities, illnesses)
  • Statement of pregnancy (Mutterpass)

Panel Physicians Offices in Germany

You MUST arrange your medical examination appointment with one of the panel physicians listed.

You do not need an appointment with the physicians in Frankfurt; they accept walk-ins Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays between 07.30 am – 11.00 am.