Visa Renewal

Interview Waiver Program

Are you  resident in Germany? Is your U.S. visa about to expire or has it expired within the last 48 months? You may be eligible to renew your visa by mail without an interview! Use our eligibility wizard to determine if you are eligible to apply to renew your visa by mail.

Children under the age of 14 and individuals over the age of 80 may also apply via the Interview Waiver Program.

Please note that we can only process visa applications for persons who have an upcoming purpose of travel that qualifies for a National Interest Exception (NIE). Please carefully review our NIE guidance and our FAQs to see if you qualify. If your upcoming trip does not qualify for an NIE at this time, your application will be denied.

If you are eligible, please follow the instructions on the “Renew my Visa” page and be sure to include all necessary documents. If you need to schedule an interview to renew your visa, please follow the instructions on the “Apply for a Visa” page. If you have any questions, please email your nearest Embassy or Consulate.

Please note: Application via the interview waiver program does not guarantee visa issuance. A consular officer may request that any applicant appear in-person for an interview after reviewing their application.