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Windows on America
(discontinued; ended 2017)
April 4, 2018

Windows on America (WoA) is an initiative by U.S. Mission Germany to provide opportunities for minority students who have been traditionally underrepresented in exchange programs between the two nations to travel to the United States. Windows on America provides students with a 10 day trip to American cities such as Washington, D.C., New York City, New York and Des Moines, Iowa. While on this trip the students are exposed to all aspects of American culture, school, and life by visiting American museums and monuments, touring American high schools, and participating in home stays with American families. Students meet with representatives of different American institutions including local government, school administration, religious institutions, and community groups. This public-private partnership initiative seeks to promote understanding, encourage lasting relationships, and address misperceptions about the U.S. among the next generation of German youth.

Students aged 15 to 18 are eligible to participate in this program, and are selected on the basis of an essay competition within their school. Students are accompanied by their teacher to help with translation and mentoring while on their trip. Mission Germany selects participating schools which have a high proportion of students of immigrant origins, particularly Muslim students.